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All is well, just insanely busy, and last night for some odd reason I started running a fever. Not sure if it was a touch of a virus or what, but I'm much improved this morning so whatever it was, it wasn't anything serious.

I hurt my wrist again over the weekend, doing, of all things, trying to take the plastic lid off of a can of frosting. Had an extra two days of pain for that piece of idiocy. One of the guys I do work for suggested I use my wrist brace, as he put it, "it reminds you to take it easy on your wrist". He was right, and fever not withstanding, my wrist was a lot less painful.

The weather has turned more seasonable, in fact, it's a bit below normal. At this time of year, that's not too hard to take at all. We've had some light frosts at night, but not enough to kill the plants, which are adapted to spring in this area.

Now back to work!
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Busy, busy, busy... still glued to the computer, I have a ton of work and just had an inquiry to do MORE work. This is good, now if I can just get it all done and take advantage and get ahead, the worst of the money woes will hopefully be a thing of the past.

Arm continues to heal, it's still sore enough to wake me up in the night if I move wrong. You'll know it's better when I stop bitching about it.

The weather has turned more seasonable, in fact, we're going to be just a tad cooler than normal for the next couple of weeks if the climate prediction turns out to be correct. Still, it's very pleasant here in April, so even a little cooler than normal only means you grab your sweatshirt.

I haven't had any time to write or critique at all, if I can get caught up I am looking forward to going back to a more normal schedule.
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And it's another day. Arm continues to heal slowly but it's still bugging the crap out of me. I cannot wait until the point that it's healed enough that I no longer have to bitch about it. On the bright side, it is indeed healing.

We had a big thunderstorm pass to our south this morning, there was a really obvious line of demarcation between storm and good weather, it was an interesting sight. It slid off slowly to the east, and we didn't get a drop of rain out of it.

I've been working with some really cool javascript stuff and found a very good article on animation that helped me understand why an animation I'm working on had a jerky effect despite many efforts to smooth it out, and why using a library like jquery works so much better. Despite trying my hand at AMVs, I didn't exactly understand how the programs worked, and the article gave me some new insight into what exactly happens, so this was really interesting. And hopefully, a little later today, I can go with my newfound knowledge and do the animation using an entirely different function that should be a lot smoother than the previous.

Onward and upward!
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Finally getting back to a more normal level of surliness. I did sleep well, the arm is finally at the point that applying some heat does nearly as much good as medication. Now it's just a matter of letting time do its work.

I have a fun project going on, I'm looking forward to showing it off when it goes live, some complicated but cool looking jquery stuff. I've got to sit down and start mailing out invoices before all my bills come due so I have a prayer of paying them this month, then I have a couple other things to do.

Weather has been absolutely gorgeous, not too hot, not too cold. Feels like it's really Spring now.
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Feeling crappy today, my arm is recovering but let's face it, it's probably going to be 4 to 6 weeks before it's entirely back to normal. Skipped taking pain medication before bed last night and was sorry in the morning--it didn't hurt badly enough that I woke up to take something, but it surely ruined my night's rest.

Ah well, I'll be better tonight. Now I can open doors and my allergy pill bottle myself, at least, as long as I do so with care. I feel especially grumpy now, which probably means I'm well on the mend. I'm especially irked because the weather is wonderful and I can't do any yard work at all--even trying to weed the strawberries is an annoyance because when the arm isn't hurting, the ankle starts to complain. Whine, whine, whine. Anybody got some cheese? ;)
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On the mend. Didn't post yesterday because it hurt to type more than a sentence or two.

I lucked out with work--I had managed to finish up one job, and the other job I was working on actually involved working with images rather than needing any amount of typing, meaning I could rest my arm on a pillow and just use the mouse for the most part.

Still can't open pill bottles, I can't grip yet, so Ben will have to open the bottle so I can take my allergy medicine.

Got our MegaMillions ticket, not that we expect to win or anything. I was kind of bemused at the news stories asking "why do people buy tickets when the jackpot is high even though they know they aren't going to win?"

Seems to me the answer is much, much simpler than the theories I've seen. You're paying a dollar to participate in a social event, it's that simple. You're buying a dollar's worth of entertainment. From that perspective, while winning of course would be fantastic, the final outcome doesn't really matter, but during the frenzy, you were very entertained and for a bargain price.

Back to work now. Jquery and javascript. BLEAH!
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Bonus post and update.

I don't think I'm going to have to make a trip to the emergency room, I'm pretty sure what I did was pull the tendon that goes from elbow to inner wrist. My arm is a little swollen but nothing serious, and while I was a hurting unit a little while ago due to the ankle and arm stiffening up, a little gentle movement and some pain medication has solved that nicely.

Quit work early for a change, so now I'm just relaxing and resting, and very gently stretching the arm and ankle to keep them from stiffening up again. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be a lot more comfortable once I start moving around.
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Rough day yesterday, I was trying to finish a project and dealing with a nasty sinus headache. Not quite a migraine, but about as bad as it can get without actually being a migraine. I took two sudafed-type tablets, ran the shower in the bathroom and steamed for a while, put a warm compress over my sinuses... The headache eased for a while, but by suppertime it was coming back like an intermittent hammering. I couldn't even eat my dinner, it hurt so much.

I finally broke out the neti pot, and that definitely turned the tide of the battle. I had almost forgotten I had it, but happily the little salt packets don't go bad.

It may have been a touch of a cold, but I seriously think that it is allergies acting up due to that super-warm weather we've had when everything is trying to get into bloom as quickly as possible. I had been off the allergy pills for a bit and just started taking them again a couple of days ago, and my son, who is a pharmacist, says that with that particular brand, you have to be on them for about a week before there's sufficient blood level to do you any good. He recommended another brand if I only wanted to take them as needed. I also have the air cleaner, but let's face it, it can only do so much when the counts get as high as they were.

When finances get better, I really think I would benefit from another series of allergy shots--with me, at least, they practically pay for themselves because of time I don't lose with headaches etc.

...just not my week I think. I wrote that last and left the computer briefly to pay a visit to the ladies room, and slipped and fell in the hall.

I had to call Ben to help me up, and for a little while there I was afraid I had broken my arm--it was twisted under me when I landed. Seems now to just be a sprain, only a bit painful if I rotate my wrist, and minor swelling.

I dug out my old carpal tunnel brace so I don't try to twist the wrist too much, and I've iced it. My right knee and left ankle are fine, just bruised. Guess it's going to be the week of pain... Back to try to get some work done now.
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Another busy day ahead, already spent a couple hours on the phone helping a client with what was possibly an email hack.

It's a lot cooler today, although that's a relative term--in fact, it's normal to slightly above normal for this time of year. Plenty of sunshine, which is nice after the last couple of gray days.

Weather is giving a freeze warning for tonight, although they may cancel it because the predicted low is a bit higher than what they said originally. I suppose it's going to depend on just how much it warms up today--the ground is surprisingly warm, I've been out there barefoot, and it's quite comfortable, which is usually not the case at this time of year. I noticed that a lot of the blossoms on the pear tree are fading because they have been pollinated, and hopefully it won't get cold enough to kill them all off.
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One of my mailing list members passed on this article recently, and it's really interesting, especially for the historical/anthropological minded: Building a Monastery the Medieval Way.

The really warm weather has ended, although it's not exactly chilly either. I am hoping that the slightly cooler air will help preserve my daffodils so we can enjoy them a bit longer. It looks like Monday night is going to dip below freezing, but hopefully it will only be a few hours in duration and it won't kill off all the stuff that's only begun to bloom.

Now to get some work done that I couldn't get done during the week because of all the rush stuff... but work is good....
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I was thinking about cultural literacy this morning. You may or may not remember a book that came out in the late eighties, called "Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know". It brought about a lot of discussion mostly because it contained a list of things that were considered essential.

If you never heard of the book, I'll refer you to Star Trek TNG episode "Darmok", the one where Picard was on a planet with an alien named Dathon whose language was metaphor-based. When they began to figure this out, Deanna commented along the lines of "It's like us saying 'Juliet on a balcony'", meaning that if you never heard of Shakespeare you would have no clue what that meant. English idiom is filled with this sort of thing--Trojan Horse and Achilles' Heel quickly come to mind.

I'm wondering, though, if we are beginning to split into two groups. If you are reading this on your computer, for instance, you likely immediately understand "All your bases are belong to us" or "Badger, Badger, Badger... Snaaaaake....". A person who doesn't spend much time on the computer would have NO idea what I was talking about.

Television is filling in the gap a bit, we saw a commercial a while back with the Honey Badger, and you have shows like Tosh.0 that show you tube clips. But still, there's a whole layer of culture that is completely inaccessible to someone who doesn't use computers or doesn't use them much.

The internet gives another advantage to its users in terms of ease of research. I was talking to my aunt the other day and I said to her "The biggest change the Internet made in my life is I no longer have idle questions". She laughed, which I'd intended, but that statement was one of the truest things I've ever said.

A book refers in passing to Emperor Norton? I think I know who that is, but... Internet! I wonder how they make Puffed Rice? Internet! How many calories in one serving of grasshoppers? Internet! Well, I never really looked that up before, it was a joke, but... Crickets Are 122 Calories, Small Grasshoppers Are 153 Calories & A Serving Of Red Ant Eggs Is 83 Cal

And on that note...
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Another bonus post.

I was relaxing and playing Deus Ex for a bit, and I am STILL laughing over this last mission.
Under the cut for spoilers )

I am really having too much fun with this game.
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Today is probably going to be the last day of the very high temperatures, it's a little ironic that temps in the mid-sixties, while way above normal, are going to feel somewhat chilly for a few days! I broke out the shorts, but hopefully they'll be packed back away for at least a month--I'm not ready for June yet!

My neighbor's pear tree is in full bloom, and the ten day shows nothing even approximating a frost, so hopefully there won't be any problem with it. It's interesting to see that despite the fact that the bees have barely had time to wake up, the blossoms do seem to be getting pollinated by a variety of flying things, probably because none of the usual flowers have had a chance to come up yet.

This tree is really neat. I think it's an espalier variety because it has super-long branches. The pears are lousy for in-hand eating, they're hard as rocks, but they are amazing when they are cooked. We wanted to can some last year but weren't sure when to pick and ended up picking too late. Hopefully we will get them a little earlier this year so we have enough for canning--they'll make wonderful pear halves and we know they won't turn to mush.

Now back to work. Yay?
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Bonus entry to help make up for those few days I missed.

Yet another long day today, but happily, the big super-emergency rush project is complete. I'm now working on project that was temporarily shoved aside for the super-emergency project, and it's moving along steadily--I am just about done with the scripting. As I warned the project manager, though, at that point it was after 6pm, I had started at 8:30 and when I crapped out, I crapped out and the rest would have to wait until morning.

Still, one thing finished. Hopefully I'm up nice and early again tomorrow.

Onward and upward!
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Nice early start today, which is good. I really do better if I have a nice block of uninterrupted time first thing, then even if I get many interruptions and issues, I have a good solid bit of work done no matter how the rest of the day goes to hell.

Today I'm working on a shopping cart to make it look like the client's design. I have to do a bit of template hacking, but that's no big deal.

The weather continues so warm that we used the grill last night and just had hamburgers rather than try to cook inside. I played Deus Ex last night and had a really good time with it. I'm focusing on stealth and non-lethal takedowns, and was particularly pleased with a couple of things I did. The first was that there were three soldiers in a room, and I knocked them out without them even knowing I was there, I used a gas grenade for the two who were together and tranked the other.

Another room had two soldiers that I tranked through a grate, again before any of them realized I was there.

The third thing was that I was able to turn off two robots because I've been putting my Praxis (my experience points) heavily into the hacking augments, and when I got to the rampaging robots, I was able to spend the Praxis point I had earned for the final hacking item, "Control Robots".

I left our intrepid hero hiding in the vents in the Picus building so I'm in a great spot to start again tonight. And on that note, back to work!
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All is well, I've just been so busy that by the end of the day I'm too tired to think. I'm trying to keep to my new schedule, but it's been a struggle.

The weather has continued unbelievably warm, it was 80 yesterday and the next three days predict more of the same, although it looks like on Saturday we're going to want to bring in the plants because it's going to cool down a bit, to more seasonable temps. No rain, which is good because we had thunderstorms two nights ago that easily dropped an inch or two, and the ground is almost soggy!

Daffodils are flowering and very pretty, maybe the cooldown will come quickly enough so I can enjoy them for a few days before they fade. I'll try to get a pic or two.

Back to the grind now.
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Another very quick entry...

Got a few odds and ends done, but mostly I rested, and I needed it. I've been having a lot of fun with Deus Ex--I did manage to get by the boss and I have been very happily sneaking around, generally getting the "Ghost" bonus (when they never even see you) for each objective.

Fuzzy sounds pretty good overall, his course of antibiotics is finished. He was coughing a bit today, but I rather suspect that has more to do with a hairball than any lingering illness, either that or he had a bit of crud in the back of his throat. I'll watch him and bring him back if the illness seems to be coming back and we'll try a different antibiotic.

I want to get a Kindle, just a plain Kindle. I really hate reading anything beyond article length on the computer, it's uncomfortable. It occurred to me that I could probably look for one on Ebay, and there were a bunch, so when I get my next payment, I'll probably get one. If I really like it, I can consider getting a new one at that point.

Now I'm going to go finish the section on the game I have been working on, then off to bed for me!
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A very quick post tonight because there isn't much to talk about. Today was my day off, and I spent a good portion of it playing Deus Ex. I ran into the first boss, which was annoying, but with a little coaching on strategy from Ben, I managed to take him down myself.

Now I'm going to watch Bleach and possibly Durarara, and then I'm off to bed. I'll work tomorrow, but it will be a half-day for sure--I need to let my mind rest if I want to turn out decent code.

It was amazingly warm today, I'm not ready for summer!
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Weather is still much warmer than normal, we turned off all heat three days ago and it's been fine. I haven't needed to wear my slippers, either.

The daffodils are beginning to bloom, and the weeping willow is already halfway leafed out. If this weather continues, it will be fully leafed out in a week. The other trees are just barely budding, but that's because their cycle goes more by light than by warmth.

Fuzzy is definitely doing better, although he's still sneezing a bit. Given that there is no sign of infection now, it may just be that his sinuses are irritated, either that or he's clearing out the last of the nasty stuff. Rydia has been very affectionate lately, insisting on having a lap to curl up in. We aren't sure if she's lonely or is just a little chilled, but given that she's 16, we make an extra effort to give her cuddles.

It's raining now, which is good for the plants we put outside, and the grass is really starting to green up. I tried planting winter wheat last fall, and it's going to be interesting to see if any of it came up. I am really looking forward to getting out and doing some yard work as well.
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Still another long day, but I did a lot of laughing despite that.

The first funny thing was my neighbor's duck, who has been dubbed "Nipper". Not that she really nips or anything, but that's what she's called.

So I don't know if you know anything about ducks, but they produce a natural wax that they distribute on their feathers to keep them clean and waterproofed, and of course while they preen, they get some of this waxy coating on their beaks.

Nipper is molting now, and preening a lot to get rid of the loose feathers, and because of the waxy coating on her bill, she occasionally gets feathers stuck on it.

Needless to say, this looks pretty funny, and today took the cake because she had a down feather stuck dead center on her beak, and she was going cross-eyed trying to look at it! It's a shame she doesn't care to be handled, we would have taken care of that little problem for her, although now that we've made her that little duck pond, she's able to get her beak clean a lot faster.

Later on, Ben went to the store to pick up some milk. It had been threatening rain nearly all day, and it was actually clearing up so he wanted to get out while the getting was good. He had been gone for about a half an hour when I heard a rumble. A moment later, I heard another. I thought "Poor Ben! I hope he threw the umbrella into his backpack!" and I went out to see if any of the cats wanted in.

To my surprise, there was no storm visible. Then the sound came again, and I realized that it was my neighbor at the bottom of the hill--he apparently had intended to mow the lawn, and his ride-on had died. The rumbling was from his repeated attempts to re-start it! I think he's going to need a new mower, it spent more time in the shop than on the lawn last year, and I don't think he's going to be able to coax it along for one more season.

My insistence on quitting at nine last night really helped my state of mind, so I intend to do that again tonight. Now back to work to see if I can finish a few more odds and ends!
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