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I feel sorry for Fuzzy. As he's gotten older, he's turned into a cuddlebum and when it's this hot, nobody wants a big fuzzy lap cat.
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Well, Calamity isn't exactly a kitten any more, she's an... adolescent. She's still very cute and funny, but tonight she had me laughing myself silly.

We had an unfortunate problem last Friday that I haven't mentioned because I'm trying not to dwell on how much it sucks. In short, the transmission went on [livejournal.com profile] heavyarms02's van. It's in the shop still, supposedly it will be finished tomorrow and it's going to be $2300 when all is said and done. Add to that expense that he hasn't worked all week since he had no means of getting there and it was too far to catch a ride (he works about 45 minutes away, so it's not like anyone can just swing by and get him), and you can rapidly conclude that Zola is not a happy camper when it comes to the finances.

But on a more cheerful note, let's go back to Calamity.

Due to not having a vehicle, we ran out of many things, including wet food for Zara. Although there was dry food, she's getting up there (she's sixteen or seventeen now) and we have been giving her wet food since she last fell ill and lost entirely too much weight. At her age, meh... if it makes her happy...

But 12 cats on wet food would be a bit expensive (an adult serving is two cans a day so we'd need a case a day), so we usually pick Zara up and put her on the counter so she can eat in peace.

She wasn't too happy with the counter last night (we'd given her some kitten food with tuna water mixed into it) because we had the crock pot on it because we were making soup. Even though she was a good distance away from it just for safety reasons, the occasional blooping sounds as it bubbled apparently made her nervous. So when [livejournal.com profile] heavyarms02 went and got wet food, I said "We'll have to feed her on the freezer, so one of us will have to stand here and watch her".

The bin where we keep the food is next to the freezer, and usually we give Calamity her kitten food on it, again, to keep the other cats from devouring it on her. It's not that they can't get up there, it's just that it takes a few seconds, giving one of us time to grab the spray bottle and give chase. Calamity is accustomed to using the bin as an intermediate step so she can get on the freezer.

To understand the hilarity of this, you have to understand how the dining area is laid out. There is a back door. To the left of the door is the bin with the cat food, then to the left of that is the freezer, then against the wall where the windows are, we have the spare chairs for the dining room table. In short, there's a chair on the OTHER side of the freezer. Calamity often gets on the chairs, especially when she knows I'm paying attention and if she dares get on my table she'll be squirted with the spray bottle.

Ben took away the bin so we weren't dealing with Calamity trying to climb up repeatedly, and she watched Zara in "her" spot happily eating the long awaited wet food. Calmity looked SO dejected we couldn't help but laugh--she apparently has not yet made the connection that a chair is as good as a bin when it comes to getting up on the freezer, LOL!

Of course, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. This is the kitten who, when I was trying to fill the bin with food, came running up to it and jumped INTO it, not even noticing it was open until she fell in, not once but TWICE in a row. There wasn't a third time because Ben finished filling it while I rolled on the floor, laughing hysterically.

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[livejournal.com profile] heavyarms02 finally witnessed something I've been telling him about since he moved in--it doesn't happen often, but it happens frequently enough that I figured he'd see it sooner or later, and today he did.

Today was a kind of yucky day, drizzle punctuated by heavy rain. This morning of course the cats wanted to go out. When he opened the door, our cat Slippers walked to the door, looked outside, growled in displeasure and stalked off back into the house.

Heh. I've also seen him do it for persistent snowy weather. Maybe one of these days I'll catch him doing it with the video camera in hand.

Otherwise I am still vying for "The Most Boring Woman On Earth" title. I hear I'm one of the front-runners.

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