Mar. 28th, 2013

zola: (RogerEyes)
I promised I would post about Rydia.

We finally dug out our records and Rydia is 17 just about to the day because she was an early Spring kitten. She has become blind, we thought it was probably cataracts but it might also be high blood pressure--it's hard to say without taking her blood pressure, and the vet doesn't even have the equipment. He didn't offer any treatment options, I am not sure if it's because he doesn't know of any or feels that it isn't worth pursuing. Changing vets isn't really an option at this point, this one is the best in the immediate area. I am going to speak to him about it again today when I bring Mischief in for her regular checkup, maybe we can treat her so that she has a few more good years.

Still, even if there isn't any appropriate treatment, she's had a good long life and she's doing very well. We got some little stick-on scent tabs called Tracerz which really help her navigate, and we keep a good eye on her, although the daily activities would make for very boring blog reading.

So we're all hanging in there. I'll try to post sooner, it's just that most of my life's events are candidates for the dullest blog in the world. :)

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