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Took my walk really, really late today, just getting in.

It's the oddest thing to be in the mountains. You know in theory that the higher you go, the cooler it gets, and you know in theory that you can have all kinds of pockets of air depending on which way the wind is blowing and how warm the day was and so on and so forth (microclimates with a capital M!), but it's so strange to actually experience it!

It was hot today, it went from about a high of 65 degrees yesterday to a high of at least 85 today, and it was still hotter than blazes when the usual walking time came around, so I waited. Took the little solar lantern with me just for additional visibility, and off I went up the hill.

As I came down the first section, it was almost like going from outside to AC--I swear, the temperature dropped at least five degrees over the space of maybe 100 feet. This felt marvelous, because even as I write this, it's 81 degrees. It lasted almost until I hit the bottom of the hill, then it abruptly warmed up again. Got to the sign that I use for a marker, and wow, I was glad of cooler air for the bulk of the climb back.

Someone actually stopped and asked me if I needed a ride, that was really kind of them. I assured them I was just on a walk, thanked them and we all went forth on our merry way. Now I'm back and I'm going to get a well deserved drink of water!

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