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Talked to the vet yesterday when I brought in Mischief for her annual exam/rabies shot. We also talked about Fuzzy, since he's having issues with the persistent sinusitis. The vet decided that trying a course of steroids in addition to antibiotics wasn't necessarily a bad thing, so I have baytril and cat dose prednisone.

i was utterly shocked when, for the first time I can remember in a LONG time, Fuzzy didn't have gook in his eyes, they weren't teary, nor were they red. There may be more of an allergy component to his issues than we realized.  He's been really, really good about the pills so far, too, while he isn't thrilled with being pilled, he also is smart enough to have figured out that if he cooperates, it's done with very quickly. He was very good for me this morning. It helps that the pills are very small.

The vet was willing to consider the blood pressure medicine for Rydia but wanted some blood tests, so I brought her in early this morning.

Long story short, I have a blood pressure prescription and no blood tests were done--Rydia was not interested in having her blood drawn, thank you very much. I even left the room hoping she'd behave a bit better, but no, thank you kindly but I'm not sharing my blood with you. The vet had seen enough that he was comfortable prescribing the medication despite the lack of blood work, we talked about sedating her but the thing is, she's seventeen years old and may be in the early stages of renal failure, meaning the sedative could do some serious damage.

Now we see how it works. It may help her blindness--a very slim chance, to be sure, but a better chance than if we had done nothing. It will also likely address some hind leg weakness, another plus. Now all we have to do is give it to her daily and watch for side effects. The good thing is that if her blood pressure isn't high, this particular medication isn't likely to cause a pressure drop, and side effects are rare.

*crosses fingers* It would be nice if treating her bought her a good quality of life for a year or two!
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