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So as of last night, I am trying an experiment with standing at my desk instead of sitting. There's lots of posts/articles about it online, and it's supposed to be really good for you. I need a new desk and was considering getting a standing one, but I don't want to plunk down cash and then hate it, so this is the test run.

For all that I need to lose weight, I'm in decent shape--I can walk a mile easily, and don't really sit ALL day because I get up and walk around, but just like my compatriots who have tried the experience, UGH all I can think about right now are my feet!

I'm going to see if I can find a squishy mat, that should help, but apparently just about everyone who has tried it has gone through the same thing. They say the worst should be over in about three days.

Very glad I tried this experiment on a holiday weekend--while it would be nice to get more stuff done, if I get nothing done because I'm busy thinking about my feet, that's just fine.
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Taking care of a lot of odds and ends today, spent a lot of time on the phone too. I may have a new client--it never rains but it pours.

Finally got some of the money in for all the work I've done over the past month, and got to enjoy seeing it in the bank account for all of about 24 hours before it all flew out again to pay bills, although, that being said, I officially owe nothing to any of the utilities until the new bills start coming in on or around May 10th.

Weather has been really hot, it feels more like July than May, complete with thunderstorms. Today was really bizarre, twice storms formed so close by that we could hear the thunder, but each time they pass by our area and rained on someone else.

I suspect that our turn will come in the wee hours, which seems to be prime time for thunderstorm formation between the uplift from the mountains and the heat rising from the ground. The grass is growing like crazy, Ben mowed two days ago and it already needs to be mowed again. Most of the seeds we planted are up, I just need to get some more tomato and pepper seeds--it's certainly been warm enough for them.

It's supposed to cool down for a couple of days, but then it looks like we're right back to the above-average temps. This has been a very strange year.


May. 6th, 2012 10:45 pm
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As anyone who has ever visited me knows, I have a LOT of books. Like, thousands of them. 99% Science Fiction/Fantasy

For years I have entertained the idea of creating some kind of catalog for them, not only for my own use but also should the time come when I want to sell them, or for that matter i something happens and I can no longer read them.

I went to LibraryThing with the idea of perhaps getting a membership and listing my books there, and I discovered that not only can I get a "lifetime" membership for only $25, but also they have a cute little item called a CueCat that I can use to scan in book ISBN's. This would be a big help, although I do have a fair number that were published prior to the widespread use of the ISBN.

Still, this would give me an inventory. There is a used bookstore in Hagersville MD, and I'm thinking of giving them a list for a rough estimate of how much they think the collection is worth. If they give me some insanely high quote, I might take them up on it and just get a Kindle, although I am betting they aren't worth very much.

I really want to pare down the possessions, and decide on the disposition of my personal items for when the time comes. I already know who will appreciate my cels... ;)
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I found a really interesting database that lists storms and storm tracks of tornadoes in WV since about 1950, and got quite a surprise:

June 27th, 1978

This tornado apparently tracked right over where our house is!

Having seen that, I think that building that root cellar/storm shelter has just gone up in priority! Prior to this, I thought the closest tornado to hit was in Clarksburg, some 20 miles away.

Here's the main page if you'd like to check out your area:

Tornado History Project
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Busy is good, right?

During times like this when I feel absolutely brain-dead, I remind myself that when the money from all this work starts rolling in, I will dig myself that much more out of the hole. I paid the bills except for one today, and that one will get paid in a day or two, just in time for the new billing cycle to begin (roughly May 10th for most of my utilities). Still, I'm actually CAUGHT UP. Two years ago, I wasn't caught up with the winter bills until almost September, last year it was late June, and this year, with help from the mild winter, I'm already caught up.

I'll get there.

In other news, I dropped the Udacity classes for this semester. I simply don't have the energy. The things I have been working on are quite complex, and when I put the work down, the last thing on earth I want to do is look at more code--I am just not capable of thinking straight at that point. Work is taking up six days, and I really don't want to spend the 7th doing still more code.

They offer the courses every seven weeks, so I'll just start again on the next cycle, by then things should be less brain-power intensive.

The arm continues to improve. While it can be a little painful to do certain things, the pain is mild and very short-lived. I'm still not out doing yard work because the last thing I want to do is re-injure myself and end up with one arm for the entire summer as well. That will be something I will work my way up to as the healing continues. I am going to be so glad when it gets to the point that I can forget about it!

I did squeeze in enough free time to do a story critique a couple of days ago, so I was happy about that--hopefully I can get back to doing them more regularly. And do some writing!
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Looks like our neighbor's duck Nipper has gone to the great pond in the sky. When we didn't see her for a couple of days, at first we hoped she'd built a nest and was setting on it, but we haven't seen her come for food even once, and there's been no sign of a nest.

Probably a wild animal got her, we've got plenty of those, from foxes to raccoons to coyotes. It seems strange not to see her running around.

A feral had kittens under the house, but we haven't heard from them for a few days either. I really hope that the mother moved them and nothing happened to them. I tend to think that she did, just because there are too many cats around here for her to feel really comfortable.

I am looking forward to finances continuing to ease so I can start TNR with these ferals. Even if the local vets won't handle ferals, there are a couple of groups that aren't all that far away that will, at a very reasonable price, and that's ultimately the best solution.
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It was definitely sore last night after the whole shopping trip, but it was a dull ache instead of sharp pain, and by morning the worst was over. Every day now the wrist is a little bit better, it's to the point that it feels tired more than sore.

No doubt that's partly because I've been favoring it for more than a month and it will need to be gently stretched out again over the coming weeks, but if I just keep resuming my normal activities and be aware that the arm is weak and be kind to it, it probably won't take too much time.

Fuzzy's sinuses are acting up again. I think we need to put him back on the antibiotic but keep him on it for two weeks instead of just one. Hopefully I can get him back to the vet next week. The humidity rose quite a bit because we had some rain come in, and I felt bad for him because it loosened up the crud and he was sneezing like crazy. The sneezing did have the intended effect, though, and it was plain that after the worst was over and we'd wiped his nose, he felt more comfortable.

He got steamed twice today--both Ben and I brought him into the bathroom with us when we showered. This also seemed to hasten the process of sinus-clearing-out. He is not eating as well as we would like because his nose is all stuffy and food just doesn't taste right, but it's not enough of a reduction to do him serious harm. He seems to have been hitting the dry food a bit more over the past couple of days, it may just be more comfortable for him to eat that since he doesn't have to lean down into the bowl, he can grab a kibble and sit up to crunch it.

Other than that, things are quiet.
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Our neighbor's car broke down last month so we've been stuck going to the store we can walk to, but today I got hold of the local taxi service.

Ben had to come with me because of my arm, and I was very glad he did. Even with him hauling the heavy stuff, my whole arm and shoulder are aching now. This worked out find, though, the savings on coffee alone compared to the local store just about covered the entire cab fare.

Now we just need to find room for all of the extra stuff--we got cat food and litter for a month, same with some of our regular staples.

We're having italian sausage for dinner, and I am starving--the walmart is so huge that just walking around the whole store to load up your cart feels like a two mile hike! Then I'm going to try to catch up on some work.
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For a change, I only have a few minor things to do for the guy I do the most work for. This is good because I have some other things that I am trying to finish up so I'm glad not to be fighting for non-existent time to get the other things done.

I did kid him a little yesterday. I needed to find out something from him in order to finish what I was doing, and I couldn't proceed without talking to him. So he got busy and didn't call me back and I finally said "fine" and picked up one of the other projects.

I'd no sooner typed one line when the phone rang so I had to go back to what I was working on in the first place. I kidded him that the next time I was waiting on an answer I'd start some other work knowing he'd call immediately.

In other news, I'm going to be a grandmother! My oldest daughter is pregnant and she's due on November 29th. I have to pick up some yarn to make a blanket, which is a tradition I started with my own kids. I should probably try to get going on it now since it will be too hot to crochet in another month or so.
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When Ben went to the store two days ago, people had gone crazy buying canned stuff because, we discovered, we were supposed to get a snowstorm.

Well, despite Weather Channel hype, we have exactly nothing, and the forecast has been changed to reflect that we will get one inch or less of snow over the course of the entire day.

While some people are definitely experiencing much worse conditions and are without power, one good thing about snow in April is that the weather moderates very quickly afterwards--it's not like 20 degree weather comes swooping in behind the storm. This at least makes it easier for power crews to fix the lines. It also will be much more comfortable for people without power--they won't have to worry as much about frozen pipes or themselves freezing to death, which is a plus.

In other news, my arm is finally showing real improvement. Although I do have to use care, I can pick up a cat, open a can of cat food, open a door, write, and perform almost all of the tasks I needed help with previously. I am being very careful not to overdo because the last thing I want is a relapse.

If the weather is nice next weekend, I intend to try some yard work--I will start by seeing if I can do some ditch-raking and then slowly build up from there. I will be very glad to have full use of my arm again!
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I signed up for some free classes at Udacity a few weeks ago, and they've started. There were a lot of good courses available, so I signed up for Building a Search Engine, Design of Computer Programs, Web Application Engineering and Programming Languages. So far the lessons have been super simple because the only thing that's the least bit new to me is the Python syntax. I'm going to try to wade through some of the lessons tomorrow because my eyes are glazing over with utter boredom just seeing the titles: How to make text bold, how to make text italic, inline and block... *groans*

Still, once the preliminaries are done this ought to be really interesting.
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On this most recent New Year's Eve, when Ben and I were deciding what we wanted to watch, I said "Let's watch Dick Clark, he's really getting up there and we don't know if this New Year's will be his last."

I'm glad we did. Thank you, Dick Clark, for all the memories.
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It is getting better, but so slowly it's maddening. Now at least it's to the point that if it starts hurting, giving it a rest and a gentle stretch is usually enough to relieve it.

Weather turned cool today, the sun tried to come out but was repeatedly defeated by the clouds, so it was only in the lower 60's. In and of itself that's nothing particularly awful, but when the previous two days were in the 80's, the change is very noticeable.

Still plugging away at the work, although I was able to finish quite a few odds and ends. It only remains for me to conquer the new HTML 5 canvas element--I can get it to crop and draw, now I have to animate it, and hopefully the result will be much nicer than some of the other methods we have been trying.

Onward and upward...
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USGS has added a nice feature, don't know how new it is but I check the earthquake page fairly regularly and I just noticed it.


I definitely like the visual of it--I subscribe to the Big Quakes email list, and you'd be amazed at how often I click through to see exactly where the earthquake was, having never heard of the location in the email.

I also like that I can filter the earthquakes by magnitude and date/time.

Not much else to talk about just now, I'm getting ready to put the nose to the grindstone.
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Well, I goofed off yesterday, at least. When I work weekends, I prefer a short day, and it isn't happening today, I have a full day of work.

Had some excitement earlier, our neighbor Mike has a horse, Razz, and the horse got loose. Our other neighbor came by to see if I could get hold of Mike, and I left a message for Mike while Ben pulled himself together and went and fetched his halter and some rope.

Mike did get the message, but by the time he got back, Ben was already leading Razz down the street. It was quite a sight, Razz is nearly as tall as Ben. Happily, Razz knows Ben well now and it wasn't half the hassle to catch him as we'd feared, well, the carrots I sent along helped too, no doubt.

Ben and Mike are now trying to find the spot where the electric fence was broken that allowed Razz his little adventure. I bet Ben is really going to want his coffee when he comes back in--hell of a wake-up call.
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...sometimes seems to take longer than writing the actual post. I like the idea of doing individual titles, but what comes to mind is things like "same old, same old..." or "work, work, work", and if worry that if I don't watch it, I'll have hundreds of posts with the same name.

Weather is steadily warming up now, and I am sitting on the sidelines, disgruntled by the fact that I can't do some of my own damn gardening. I can't even rake out the ditches! By the time I'm healed up enough to get stuff done, spring will be over.

Ben spread a few good loads of good compost on the newly prepared bed, and the chickens helpfully flocked to the garden to scratch it all into the dirt, plus add their own inimitable fertilizer.

I've been thinking about getting some weeder geese, but not until we've built a bigger coop. Still debating about sneaking some live eggs under the duck so she can hatch them, if we're going to do that, we'll have to fence her in pretty quick because she's already started a few new nests and I'd rather confine her while she's nesting just for her own protection. We were talking about building a simple nesting box near the duck pond and just putting a chicken-wire fence around it. We'd close up the box at night--she only left her nest once or twice a day for about fifteen minutes, so she wouldn't feel deprived I don't think.

We'll have to wait and see now. I'm certainly not up to building anything just now.
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So... yesterday we actually had snow, and Sunday is going to hit 80 if the weather has it right. This has got to be the weirdest Spring ever.

Not much going on to report other than work, work, work, but that's been the norm lately. I will say that I seem to be getting a handle on the backlog finally, injuries and illness notwithstanding, and hopefully things will slow down to a more reasonable pace. I slept 11 hours last night, but woke up feeling normal finally. Now I don't feel sick, just a little drained even with all that sleep.

I have been learning a lot of new things which have been fun, stuff with jquery animations and working with HTML 5 and the Canvas command. These things are going to ultimately replace Flash, and given how Flash has become more persnickety and bloated with every update, I say not a moment to soon!

I finally had time to read a story for the writers group and I'm going to critique it tonight, I've missed having the time to do that, and I really need to actually start scheduling time to write or I'm never going to have any. It's not a big deal if I am too busy for a week or two because of projects finishing, but if I ever want to get published, I have to actually WRITE.

Being in the habit of doing this daily entry helps!
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Technically the 100 posts in 100 days is over, but I've kind of gotten used to posting every day, which I suppose is the idea.

Weather has turned quite chilly, it's cloudy and spitting snow, not that it's going to accumulate. I'm actually glad the unseasonably warm weather has ended, I wasn't ready for early summer in March!

My arm continues to heal, way slower than I want it to. I couldn't open a sealed gatorade bottle, so I was annoyed. I also couldn't handle the cats' water. We have those big automatic waterer bowls, since we have so many cats, I got the size for small dogs and I can't hold the bottle to fill it and turn it upside down and put it into the holder. I put a plain bowl with water on the floor, and they were happy enough with that until Ben can get the water.

Lots of work on tap, I just sent out a flood of invoices, which was the good part of all this time I've been putting in. Now to actually get the money...
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All is well, just insanely busy, and last night for some odd reason I started running a fever. Not sure if it was a touch of a virus or what, but I'm much improved this morning so whatever it was, it wasn't anything serious.

I hurt my wrist again over the weekend, doing, of all things, trying to take the plastic lid off of a can of frosting. Had an extra two days of pain for that piece of idiocy. One of the guys I do work for suggested I use my wrist brace, as he put it, "it reminds you to take it easy on your wrist". He was right, and fever not withstanding, my wrist was a lot less painful.

The weather has turned more seasonable, in fact, it's a bit below normal. At this time of year, that's not too hard to take at all. We've had some light frosts at night, but not enough to kill the plants, which are adapted to spring in this area.

Now back to work!
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Busy, busy, busy... still glued to the computer, I have a ton of work and just had an inquiry to do MORE work. This is good, now if I can just get it all done and take advantage and get ahead, the worst of the money woes will hopefully be a thing of the past.

Arm continues to heal, it's still sore enough to wake me up in the night if I move wrong. You'll know it's better when I stop bitching about it.

The weather has turned more seasonable, in fact, we're going to be just a tad cooler than normal for the next couple of weeks if the climate prediction turns out to be correct. Still, it's very pleasant here in April, so even a little cooler than normal only means you grab your sweatshirt.

I haven't had any time to write or critique at all, if I can get caught up I am looking forward to going back to a more normal schedule.
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