Apr. 11th, 2013

zola: (RogerEyes)
She's tolerating the medication well, and perhaps even more important, her appetite has picked up, which we feel is a good sign.

I seriously have no idea how much wet food she needs a day. We figured out that she likes food that has bites rather than the standard pate, so we picked up some different flavors and have a set that she really seems to like.  The Friskies can says feed one can per five pounds of cat, so we figure as long as she's eating a full can or so plus getting some of her beloved kibble, that's probably plenty. We don't limit her, we offer food several times a day and if one can gets emptied, we open another.

I don't know if the medicine is helping her eyes, but it seemed to both Ben and I yesterday that her pupils were more responsive to light when we opened the curtain yesterday. We do think she has some sight, but that it's more of an awareness of light and dark shapes. A couple of days ago, Beaker was lying on the rug (black cat on light colored rug) and she avoided him. We don't think she scented him in this case because she doesn't like the other cats and would have growled and batted at him. She hissed at Catastrophe about a week ago when he got up on the back of the couch, light orange cat on black couch.

We'll see what happens--the primary use of the medication isn't so much to try to restore her sight but rather to prevent things like a stroke, so if her eyes heal at all, that's just a bonus.

Now I have to get off my ass for my walk--my calves are still really sore, so it's an effort. Still, the whole endeavor only takes about fifteen minutes, right?

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