May. 28th, 2012

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Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend.

Not much going on around here, although [ profile] heavyarms02 is visiting. We went to Lowes yesterday and picked up some lumber because the steps need to be replaced--they've been a bit rickety for several years, and this is the year I was determined to replace them.

Of course, it's too darn hot to do anything with the lumber, but that's no big deal, the important thing is that we have the supplies we need--it should cool down a bit later on in the week.

In other news, I got myself a cueCat barcode scanner from LibraryThing, and I have begun scanning my books in so I have an actual inventory of my library. I have to straighten out a mixup where I have two accounts, after that, I will have a link to post so you can see my progress. Many of the books are old enough that even if I can scan them, I have to use a program to translate the bar code into a proper ISBN, but it's much better than trying to type the info by hand.

Had cold Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner, it was just the thing on a day as hot as today was. It's after 7 and it's still 78 degrees. Long-range shows us a bit cooler than normal in five or six days, and I think everyone is going to welcome that for a change.

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