May. 5th, 2013 07:11 pm
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We had a very busy weekend! Tell me, does anyone else find it ironic that my daily walk is JUST about long enough that I can make it to the local ice cream parlor? We usually have a treat of some kind on Saturdays, so this time I walked over there and brought back a couple of sundaes.

We did a bunch of brush trimming on Saturday, there was an autumn olive we wanted to take down before it got any bigger. (a noxious weed, according to the West Virginia State list. I got about six forsythia plants from the neighbor's planting, and planted those on the very top of the hill. Hopefully it will choke out any other autumn olive attempts, and look very pretty in the spring into the bargain.

I have some poison ivy, but I'm more-or-less immune to the stuff, so all that happens is I get a few itchy bumps which, if I don't scratch them, disappear within 24-48 hours. I ripped most of it out, and next weekend I'll go and check to make sure I didn't miss anything. We have to pick up some more garden tools, ours are old and in really sad shape. I'm hoping to find a nice pair of stainless steel grass trimmers, and we want to get a ratchet pruner like the one my neighbor has. That will take up to 3" diameter branches, and i's really easy to use into the bargain.

Today I took my walk fairly early, and I'm glad I did because it loosened everything up nicely. Despite all the extra work and hiking around, I don't have any pain, just a bit of a tendency to stiffen up if I sit still too long.

Rydia's eyes seem to be improving still. We have taken her outside a couple of times under very close supervision, and it seems like she does see, even if it is badly. I've got to pick up some more medicine for her soon.

That's all the excitement for now, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

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